Happiness in a Handbasket is your practical guide to buying local.

The short answer why it's happy to buy local is that you will

  • support a South African job,

  • lower your carbon footprint and

  • go home with a great product.

For the detailed answer, read the introduction here

'Happiness' and proZA complement existing buy-local initiatives such as 'Proudly South African' but no brand paid to be featured and neither the book nor the website are a profit-making venture. 'Happiness' hopes to raise the importance of buying local by providing a starting point to identify and locate the good stuff. To grow and make the information easily accessible proZA provides all the information online and allows additional local products to be listed free of cost.

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'Happiness in a Handbasket'

'You can't buy happiness, but you can BUY LOCAL. That's really the same thing.'